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Eye Care 4 U, located in the Westwinds area of Calgary is dedicated to providing quality Optometric Care to our patients.

Get to Know Dr. Eliza Chaudri

Dr. Eliza Chaudri obtained her Optometry degree from Aston University in England. She graduated with a BSC (Hons) MCoptom Optometry degree. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. She completed the International Bridging program from the University of Waterloo which enabled her to become Canadian Board certified.
She has been practicing Optometry for over 10 years in both the UK and in Canada. She has worked with Ophthalmologists in laser eye surgery clinics and various other clinics. She has co-managed laser eye patients and Diabetic patients in private practice. Dr. Eliza’s training and experience has allowed her to diagnose, treat and manage new and long term ocular diseases.

Dr. Eliza has a passion in eye care. She strives to preform a thorough eye exam on each and every patient she examines. She has experience in family eye care including dry eye management, computer vision, problem solving, children’s eye examinations, contact lens fittings, eye- surgery co-management, and adult eye care.

Dr. Eliza also worked as a volunteer at the homeless shelters in the United Kingdom as well as CUPS ( low income housing program) in Calgary. She has provided free eye examinations and eye wear to under privileged individuals.

Dr. Chaudri’s interests include travelling, hiking and Zumba.

Dr. Eliza Chaudri is a member of good standing of the Alberta Association of Optometry, the Canadian Association of Optometry and the Calgary Society of Optometry.

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